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Paul Francis Lammertsma

A more elaborate resumé can be found in Dutch here:
Born 12 August, 1984
Sex Male
Maritial status Single
Nationality American / Dutch
Occupation Freelance programmer & developer and student
Education Bachelor of Sciences, majoring Computer Sciences
Hobbies Cinematography, films & photography
Home address Eigendomweg 53
3765 EA Soest
The Netherlands
Cell phone (+31) 0614462953
E-mail please use the contact page
I am capable of the following programming languages and markups:
In the past, I've participated in the following projects and exercised skills including:
The company or institution for which the project was initiated is denoted in italic above. These are typically the owners of the intellectual or industrial property.
As a web developer, I am devoted to sticking to W3C standards while ensuring compliance with all major browsers:
I am fully accustomed to the following applications, and can supply compatible documents (when applicable):
The majority of development I do is performed using with my preferred IDE, Eclipse, or syntax highlighter ConTEXT.
Over the course of the past few years, I have also made contributions to Mozilla's Firefox project by reporting and fixing bugs. I have authored and contributed to various add-ons as well.
I also have had some considerable hardware/driver installation experience:
If you feel inclined to contact me, please don't hesitate to drop me a line via the contact form.
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