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Cumulative & Normalized Histogram Equalization

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Friday, January 20 2006
Individual assignment for Inleiding Beeldverwerking
Download the document below.
"A histogram can represent any number of things, since its sole purpose is to graphically summarize the distribution of a single-variable set of data. Each specific use targets some different features of histogram graphs, and when it boils down to image analysis, histograms are the de facto standard."
Included with a short, five-page article describing the concept of histogram equalization is a Java 1.4.2 implementation. It features two methods of image equalization: cumulative and normalized.
The source code is included, but you may also simply just run the executable. I didn't focus on equalizing color images, although I do discuss a solution in the paper.
histogram.pdf (919.39 KB) (355.89 KB)
Written in Microsoft Word 2003 and compiled by Adobe Acrobat 7.0
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