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Naive Bayes algorithm

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Thursday, March 25 2004
Download the document below.
Naive Bayes is a popular method of solving problems in computational intelligence. The report explains the Visual Basic application of the algorithm in further detail.
The application, source code and report are in English.
The report is also available in Dutch (naive_bayes_nl.pdf).
Download (24.26 KB)
naive_bayes.pdf (125.26 KB)
Written in Microsoft Word 2003 and compiled by PDF995
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Paul (admin)
Wednesday, June 28 2006, 15:37
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I revised the Naive Bayes demo application (v1.1) to make it more understandable. The program demonstrates how certain parameters determine the classification in one of two datasets. It returns a numeric value indicating it's certainty and features two forms of feature analysis:
  1. Leave-one-out-cross-validation: remove any number of features by cross-validating.
  2. Feature Selection: select the best of feature(s) based on the deviation(s).
The explanation during each process has been improved. Any feedback is welcome!
dony (guest)
Wednesday, July 23 2008, 18:38
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first thabnk for efforts
with the concern of programe it good, but if i want to apply it to the case the number of date more than 14 as in your example
i suugest in order the programe to be more efficiency to make database insert in it all case rgardless the number of date
Chs (guest)
Thursday, April 1 2010, 4:29
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:) wonderful
Brian Keltch (guest)
Saturday, April 3 2010, 3:57
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Thanks this is very helpful to me. I am adding Niave Bayes to at ML project
Brian Keltch
Paul (admin)
Monday, April 5 2010, 1:30
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Great to hear it! Coincidentally, my brother did genetic footprinting of the Hepatitis C virus as a graduate student at Yale in 2007.
We've combined our fields of expertise to create better software for molecular biologists. We started a bioinformatics company, CrimsonBase.
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