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Sunday, September 24 2006
A free PHP implementation
Download the document below.
There are a number of implementations of the famous Turing Image test out there, but this one is fully inclusive. It's simple, transparent and easy to modify because of it's object oriented construction.
The Turing Image is test to distinguish human users from computer ones by requiring the user to visually recognize a distorted image. A variation of this code is currently being used in several places at this website.
The source code consists of several files: an example index.php, a supplied database class (I recommend you replace this with your own) and the actual Turing class and TuringImage class.
Download (229.23 KB)
PHP script
Please respect the authorship and information included in the comments.
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RJ (guest)
Tuesday, October 17 2006, 17:49
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Hello Paul,
Thank you for the link to your 'Captcha' 'plugin. I have a MT3.2 based blog on I am not too familiar with installing. I am comfortable with FTP to upload files to my MT directory.
Do you have a link to a 'how-to-install' such plugins??
Thank you for your help.
rj [ aT ] notjustcricket [ dot ] com
Paul (admin)
Wednesday, October 18 2006, 0:24
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Like Jake said on, your method of counteracting harvesters by disabling the Post button and forcing users to press Preview first will most likely not stop harvesters. Harvesters have the miraculous ability of hopping all over your website, visiting all the links and pressing all the buttons. They will surely try inserting a spam message from the preview page, circumventing your anti-spam protection.
Keep in mind also, that you don't want to annoy your visitors, either. The best way is having Movable Type analyze the message to see if it is indeed spam or not, just like my blog. A quick search on the net for such a plug-in, using a bayesian filter, brought me to the MT-Bayesian. An alternative, though less user-friendly, is attaching a CAPTCHA script to the comment, so that you have to identify a Turing image when posting a message. See the MT plug-in called Cero Spam for this.
I wish you a lot of luck in your battle against spam. It's our common enemy.
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