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Ground Plane Classification using edge based segmentation

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Monday, April 23 2007
Download the document below.
Due to license restrictions, only a single downsampled cyclorama has been supplied with the source code.
Abstract: Feedforward artificial neural networks, popular in image processing and understanding, are elegant computational machines focused on approximating nonlinear functions. This paper takes a closer look at trying to understand visual data by making optimal use of neural networks. Provided a set of input-output pairs derived from 360 panoramic photographs established using a strict series of steps the automatic classification and extraction of the ground plane in the images is tested and scored against human results.
gpc.pdf (1.1 MB)
gpc_manual.pdf (49.43 KB) (1.02 MB)
Written in TeX and compiled by MiKTeX
Programmed for Java 1.6 and up
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