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2004-2005: Period 4

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Wednesday, May 4 2005
The only mandatory class I have this period is Expert Systems. I am in werkcollege group 1, practicum group 3.
Advanced Database Systems is a freely chosen class. I did this in the hopes of catching up on my lost study points from the last few periods.
Since last period, I'm still working on a Software Project. With the rest of my group, I will contribute to the automation (i.e. website development) of Histos, a sailing and surfing organisation for students.
Monday11–13Advanced Database Systems
Tuesday11–13Expert Systems
13–15Expert Systems
15–17Software Project
Wednesday11–13Advanced Database Systems
Thursday13–15Expert Systems
15–17Expert Systems
Friday15–17Software Project
View a more detailed version of this schedule here.
It is currently Friday, May 29, 2020, week number 22.
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