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Multiple versions of IE on one system

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Tuesday, April 18 2006, 12:58
For some time, I've been messing around trying to get multiple versions of Internet Explorer running on one system, without success.
That's until I ran into's Browser Archive, where you can download fully stand-alone packages. Kudos to for providing these standalone releases!
Multiple versions of IE running simultaneously
I now have IE 5.01sp2, 5.5sp2, 6.0 and 6.0sp2 installed and running simultaneously with Firefox and Opera.
Oh, and Lynx, too.

Update 11/14/06: There are some pretty nasty bugs that you might run into while running a standalone of an older version of Internet Explorer. Such problems are:
  • Cookies don't work
  • Conditional comments validate for the latest version of IE only
  • Window titles are the same across all versions
Position Is Everything has a great article on how to fix these issues.

Update 20/07/07: Yousif Al Saif of TredoSoft has put together an installer to easily set up all previous versions of IE (3.0 through 6.0). Additionally, he has provided a stand-alone version of IE7.
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