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jKNN: K-nearest-neighbor in Java

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Monday, July 16 2007, 1:11
After receiving dozens of e-mails and comments regarding the Visual Basic implementation of K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN), I finally got around to making a Java version of the code.
The implementation is extremely clean and leaves very much room for adaptation, as the demonstration application is simply a JFrame-extended class that runs on top of jKNN. Additionally, the included scenario can easily be adapted, even replaced by scalable values (i.e. values within a scalar domain opposed to choosing values from a set).


Summary Report on KNN

More recently, on October 25, 2007, I revised the K-Nearest Neighbor summary report that accompanied the Visual Basic implementation. It includes detailed information about how KNN works, and some examples that are specific to both this jKNN implementation and the Visual Basic version.

Release notes

Please refer to the included Javadocs for more information.
To execute the binary package without compiling, simply run the included executable JAR (assuming you have Java JRE 1.6 installed).
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