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Halloween 2007

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Tuesday, November 6 2007, 0:25
Like every year, my brother and I keep up our neighborhood reputation of the spookiest house on the block on Halloween. The holiday is gaining momentum in the Netherlands, and although we didn't have as many children stop by as last year, there were still quite a lot of them.
Typically my neighbor takes photographs, but since he was out of town they're not as nice as last year. Last year was really great, too, when two friends of mine joined in:
Halloween 2006
Photo © Coen Kimman; courtesy of
So despite it being a week ago already (I've been much too busy to get around to this), here are some photographs of what we did this Halloween.
Again, sorry for the poor quality photographs.

Eric and I had dressed as pirates this year.

Of course, Eric had to have some nasty, bloody wound on his forehead.

The children had to enter our darked carport, which really doesn't look nearly as eerie by day. Unfortunately, the spiderweb and a lantern are suspended above fall outside the photo.

Green light coming from inside the house; the carport was lit by blacklight and flashes of lightning.

Candy in pirate theme, too! This shot captured a flash of the stroboscope.

I tried to get a close-up, but it was already getting dark, hence the blurry photo.
I'll see if I can gather any photographs from my neighbors. If I do, I'll put them online, too.
Update November 8th: Several neighborhood photographs have been arranged by my neighbor, Coen Kimman. You can view them at his website.
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