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Wednesday, June 4 2008, 21:25
Since Monday, I've been working in the motion capture lab here at Utrecht University's Center for Geometry, Imaging and Virtual Environments (GIVE). We have eight fancy Vicon motion capture cameras set up in a specially furnished room in the Centrum Gebouw Noord on university campus De Uithof.
L-shaped origin marker
I've been getting acquainted with the system and have already performed various motion capturing takes. All in all, I am very impressed with the Vicon hardware I have to my disposal. Although newer software is available, setting up the cameras, calibrating them, performing motion capturing, modeling and post processing is made fairly easy using Vicon iQ.
The learning curve is steep, but with some help from fellow students and documentation built up over the years I'm learning how to work with the system fairly quickly.
Presently I am doing an experimentation project that looks into the viability of using a user-facing camera on a mobile device to determine its relative position to the user. As a ground truth, I will be performing motion capturing on several test subjects holding a Nokia N95 smartphone.
Friday I will perform an initial experiment and I hope to get more subjects recorded by next week Wednesday.
Motion capture suit
Motion capturing suit, demonstrating reflective markers
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