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Capturing panic codes in Sybian S60

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Sunday, June 15 2008, 17:24
While developing an application for my ongoing experimentation project using a Nokia N95, I ran into a mysterious problem that was causing my application to crash. No message; it simply disappears.
This phenomenon is known as a panic. You can discover the code associated with the panic using one of many on-device tools, but popular existing ones presently do not work with S60 3rd edition and require signing of the SIS file.
Since I don't have a publisher ID, and I don't have the money to pay for one, I found a great free alternative: Y-Tasks.
  1. Download and install the Y-Tasks application along with it's Crash monitor plug-in onto your device.
  2. In the menu, locate the directory "", and start up Y-Tasks.
  3. Open "Crash monitor" and be sure to select "Set On".
  4. Press and hold the Switch Application button (button) to open the task manager to switch to different applications. In my case, I switched to the standby screen, opened my application, and observed the panic code returned by Y-Tasks.
N95 panic code KERN-EXEC: 0
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