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Wednesday, July 2 2008, 17:02
I've been doing some post-processing on the data I captured from several test subjects for my experimentation project. Each subject was put in the motion capture lab, where they simulated some movements that mimic "dynamic peephole" navigation. The idea here is to be able to navigate large amounts of data on a device simply by moving it around in space, instead of having to interact with it in the conventional manner (i.e. pressing keys or touching the screen).
Here is a large resolution sample video I made of all the data playing simultaneously. On the top left you can see the video stream recorded by the phone. On the top right are the motion capturing markers as recorded by Vicon iQ. Finally, the graph indicates the three axis data output of the phone's accelerometer, where red line is the x-axis, green line is the y-axis and blue line is z-axis.
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