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Wednesday, July 23 2008, 21:02
While Luminos just moved virtually, the other company I co-founded, CrimsonBase, is moving physically. Today Eric, Mathijs and I — the three owners — visited our office space in Utrecht University's Kruytgebouw that is still busy being renovated.
My appologies for the poor quality images; they were taken with my cell phone.

The building is still being renovated. Since the west wing (shown above) will only be finished in September, we looked at completed offices in the south wing as a temporary workspace.

Our office is opposite the also newly renovated lunchroom.

This is the office we finally chose for. It is big enough and despite only having two windows, lets in more light than most of the neighboring offices.

The high ceiling, matte wall and colorful carpet give it a very homely feeling.

Although the building looks dull from the outside, from within it is colorful and aesthetically pleasing.

Eric, Mathijs and I briefly sit down to discuss which office we want to move in to.

Until this wing is finished, you can find CrimsonBase in office Z110.

When the west wing is be finished, a larger, 30 m² office will constructed here which we will consider moving in to.
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Thom (member)
Monday, July 28 2008, 14:55
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Love the carpet, Paul!
The office looks nice all in all.
Paul (admin)
Monday, July 28 2008, 20:34
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So do I! Hopefully we'll move in today next week.
Koop (guest)
Saturday, August 2 2008, 11:49
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Is the carpet your furniture?
Paul (admin)
Saturday, August 2 2008, 21:21
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Nope! :) Since Friday we have four tables, four chairs and a bookshelf!
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