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Halloween 2008

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Saturday, November 1 2008, 16:24
Just like last year, and for the past several years, Eigendomweg 53 in Soest is a sight to see on Halloween! My family has been promoting the holiday ever since we moved to the Netherlands by expanding our spooky horror show a little bit each year.
This year we had more than one hundred little witches, monsters, grim reapers, skeletons, zombies, devils, vampires and ghosts. We were happy to also see more original and home-made costumes, like princesses, divas, an Indian, Luke Skywalker, a bumble-bee and even a Chinese dragon!
It's a challenge to maintain our neighborhood reputation of the spookiest house on the block. Good friend and business partner Mathijs Lagerberg joined in with the fun again this year!
Our neighbor was kind enough to take many photographs, which you can find on his website,
Halloween 2008
Photo © Coen Kimman; courtesy of
Here is a selection of photos from this year's October sensation:
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