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Folders opening in new Explorer window

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Friday, March 27 2009, 16:12
I've been having some strange Vista behavior recently. Double-clicking or pressing enter on a folder in the Explorer would open the folder in a new window, but clicking on in the navigation pane wouldn't. Even stranger, right-clicking on the folder and selecting "Explore" worked normally.
I tried the following solutions, finally fixing it with only the last suggestion.

Folder options

Open the Explorer. Go to the menu Tools, then click Folder Options. Under the General tab, ensure that the option for "Browse folders" is set to "Open each folder in the same window" is selected.


Open the Registry Editor and navigate to:
Make sure that the data for the value (Default) displays as (value not set). If it doesn't, right-click on (Default) and select Delete.

(Re)register DLL

Open a command prompt with administrator privileges. Type the following command to (re)register actxprxy.dll into the system:
regsvr32.exe actxprxy.dll
You should receive a notification that the DLL has successfully been registered.
I'm unsure how this may have become unregistered, but I suspect it may have happened unjustly during some uninstall.
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