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Nokia PC Suite fails to install

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Tuesday, May 5 2009, 23:17
After the previous Nokia PC Suite update, my Nokia 6300 could no longer synchronize via Bluetooth. Upon reading that the 7.1.26 update fixed several connectivity problems, I was excited to install the new version.
When the download completed, however, the installer didn't show up and nothing appeared to have happened. Checking for updates downloaded the same version, but again, no cigar.
Nokia PC Suite 7.1.26 installer
After some messing around, it turned out that my anti-virus was causing the updater to fail to launch. The same happened for the updated version of Nokia Software Updater.
Simply disabling my anti-virus allowed both installers to proceed.
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Blair D (guest)
Tuesday, May 12 2009, 10:48
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Same problem this end - nokia e51 with pc suite 7.1.18 with daily reminders to update to 7.1..26 but each time I tried it downloaded but did not install.....Your suggestion was spot-on - I disabled ESET NOD32 and hey presto the installer ran.
THX a mill!
Paul (admin)
Wednesday, May 13 2009, 21:47
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Glad to hear it and glad to help!
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