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Subversion and Subclipse on Mac OS X

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Wednesday, May 13 2009, 12:50
Installing SVN and Subclipse side-by-side on a Mac is a painful endeavor. But fear not: this guide will hopefully make things easy. Once you know the right order of things, it's really not so bad.

Install Subversion

Head over to RubyRobot's nifty tutorial for installing Subversion on Mac OS X. You can download the client straight from that page.
As of this writing, the newest Subversion client is version 1.6.1. That's working fine for me: we need at least 1.6.0 to avoid running into the renowned "format (No such file or directory)" incompatibility between 1.6.x and older versions.

Install Subclipse

Start up Eclipse, and install Subclipse 1.6.x according to the instructions at Tigirs. Make sure you select the newest Eclipse update site URL; as of this writing, that's
In short: open up Eclipse's Software Update window, add the URL to the update sites, select Subclipse and hit Install. You will need to restart Eclipse for changes to take effect.

Checkout your project

It's best to check out your project from Subclipse, but you can do it using Subversion if you prefer. If you do it from the Finder or through the terminal, just make sure to import your project (or, if you already have a project, to refresh it) when the checkout finishes.


You're done! If you're getting the "format (No such file or directory)" message, make sure you've installed versions 1.6.x of both Subversion and Subclipse.
I don't recommend doing SVN updates outside of Eclipse while it's still running. If you do, refresh your project to avoid "out of date" SVN errors.
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