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Sunday, June 21 2009, 0:43
I occasionally play a game of Left 4 Dead with my colleagues at the office. Running a server on the local area network is the easiest to set up, with only a few simple commands via the console.
Having to punch in those commands each time is a bit annoying, so I put together a nifty little launcher for L4D.
L4D Launcher
It's simple: select "Host" or "Join", click the desired options, and hit "Launch".
I'll be putting the source code up on SourceForge some day soon. Take note that you'll need the .NET Framework to run L4D Launcher.

Update July 20th, 2009: updated to version 1.1.
Update November 5th, 2009: updated to version 1.2.
Update November 7th, 2009: updated to version 1.3.

Update March 3, 2011: The project has been migrated to SourceForge, as project L4D Launcher. Binaries can be downloaded from there, but the source code is also freely available through SVN.
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Paul: The project has been migrated to...

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