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Tuesday, July 7 2009, 14:46
The spam filter I implemented almost two years ago has worked a charm for this site, blocking all but a handful of the 15,100 spammers that have visited this site in that time.
I've seen a noticable decline in their number in that time; in early 2008 there were several weeks where over 400 spam messages were delivered. This past year, this number has continued to drop to a mere 50 as you can see from the statistics from the past year:
Graph displaying amount of spam in the past 52 weeks
During the course of the past two weeks, I've been doing some minor tweaking to the Naive Bayes filter in order to help interpret HTML in the message and facilitate other implementations of the filter.
For this reason, you might see a momentary increase of spam on my website until the Bayesian filter has adapted.
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