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Carbide.c++: "Cannot start Ecmt manager"

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Sunday, October 4 2009, 19:44
I've run into this problem on each fresh installation of Carbide.c++, but I keep forgetting how to fix it. The resolution consists of two parts.
Error: Cannot start Ecmt manager

Ensure Java is in the Environment Path

Go to the Windows' System Properties and click "Advanced system settings". There, under "Environment variables", make sure that your JRE installation path appears somewhere. Note that the string is delimited with semi-colons.

Edit the file

Navigate to your S60 SDK installation path (e.g. C:\Symbian\9.1\S60_3rd). From there, open the following file:
Edit the line containing to include your installed version of JRE. For Java 1.6, append ,1.6,6.0 so the line appears as follows:,1.4.2,1.5,5.0,1.6,6.0
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