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L4D Launcher (version 1.3)

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Saturday, November 7 2009, 17:36
L4D Launcher
L4D Launcher
I made some modifications to the L4D Launcher, updating it to version
New features in L4D Launcher include storing preferences, and the long awaited option of being able to specify a nickname. Note that on some versions of Left 4 Dead you will need to specify the "in INI" option to write the player name into the game's rev.ini file.

Update November 7, 2009: I've updated the application to display a "Fix uninstall path" so the user isn't prompted with that dialog each time the Launcher is started.

Update March 3, 2011: The project has been migrated to SourceForge, as project L4D Launcher. Binaries can be downloaded from there, but the source code is also freely available through SVN.
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Paul: The project has been migrated to...

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