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L4D Launcher (version 1.4)

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Saturday, November 14 2009, 4:53
Left 4 Dead launcher
The newest version of L4D Launcher is available, updating it to version!
Network scanning has been significantly improved, and you can now use L4D Launcher to play your favorite Left 4 Dead add-on maps, too. It's also become easier to find the map you want to play, as they're sorted by game type.

Update November 15th, 2009: I've fixed the bug Mathijs reported in the comments below.
Update December 11th, 2009: Modified install locations are automatically detected via Steam's application list.
Update May 15th, 2010: updated to version 1.5.

Update March 3, 2011: The project has been migrated to SourceForge, as project L4D Launcher. Binaries can be downloaded from there, but the source code is also freely available through SVN.
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Paul: Here's a heads-up to those watching this...
Paul: The project has been migrated to...

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