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The browser showdown

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Tuesday, February 16 2010, 12:51
My colleagues have been insisting that I switch from Firefox to Chrome on grounds that Google's browser is simply much faster. I am quite familiar with Chrome, and it is fast indeed.
I would be inclined to label it the fastest browser were it not for two things:
  1. The title "fastest browser on Earth" is taken by Opera 10.5 (though still beta)
  2. Chrome 5.0—Google's latest beta—crashes unceasingly and seems slower than all of it's predecessors
That said, I took a moment to run all of the candidates through the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark to get a empirical result.
Browser speed test results
Sure enough: Opera 10.5 is the fastest browser, and not by a little, either. It is twice as fast as the fastest Firefox yet, 3.7 alpha. Remarkably, it is 50% faster than Chrome 4.0.
Chrome 5.0 never succeed in finishing the test, crashing well into each attempt. At the rate it was going, though, its score would have been miserable.
In daily use, there is a noticeable speed difference between Firefox and Chrome, and similarly between Chrome and Opera, but the overwhelming number of features that Firefox provides over the competition (and the promising speed improvements) hasn't quite swayed me.
The blue bar towering above the Internet Explorer logo comes, of course, as no surprise.
Update August 8th:
  • Opera 10.60: 430ms
  • Safari 5.0.1: 460ms
  • Chrome 5.0b: 470ms
  • Internet Explorer 9.0a: 560ms (Platform Preview v1.9.7)
  • Firefox 4.0b3: 680ms
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Thom (member)
Wednesday, February 17 2010, 22:10
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hi Paul!
I use firefox and occasionaly opera and chrome. IE justs sits there on my drive just like an appendix. You don't use it for a reason but it comes with the whole package. And when it starts to bother you removing it is a painfull process :)
But to the point, i don't really like working with chrome, for two reasons: making a bookmark is not intuitive nor obvious. it's done kind of silly. And the history managing is not to my likings either. You can't push just the history button to pop it up, and you can't pop back easily a closed tab like in FF for instance.
Obviously there must be some addons or tweeks out there, but do you have the same experiences?
Paul (admin)
Thursday, February 18 2010, 2:42
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I used Chrome for a while, but it was mostly advertisements that bothered me. Then I began to miss form recovery. Then I realized that with about 20 tabs open, the browser becomes instantly useless since you have no idea what is what. Now I don't use it at all, because it's incredibly slow and crashes within a few minutes of use.
Chrome's add-ons just aren't nearly the quality of those in Firefox. Given time, perhaps, they will be. But for now, the entire browser reeks of beta-ness, so to speak, and always ends up leaving me disappointed.
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