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TryAgain: new life for the age-old add-on

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Friday, August 20 2010, 19:17
TryAgain is a Firefox add-on that keeps trying to load a webpage when the server cannot be reached.
WiFi out of range? Reddit not responding? TryAgain is one of the first add-ons I add to a fresh installation of Firefox, because it's such a simple solution to a common annoyance.
The original version came in the form of a userscript back in April, 2006, soon replaced by a Firefox add-on with added functionality. As the years progressed, Mathijs (add-on caretaker) moved to Chrome, leaving reviewers complaining that it wouldn't work in the latest versions of Firefox.
Fear not! New life has come to TryAgain. I have taken the add-on upon myself as a hobby project, and have already added functionality some reviews asked for:
The version currently pending Mozilla review (3.3) doesn't include the last two features, but I assure you that as soon as it's published, I'll submit the next version.
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