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TryAgain: new life for the age-old add-on

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Friday, August 20 2010, 19:17
TryAgain is a Firefox add-on that keeps trying to load a webpage when the server cannot be reached.
WiFi out of range? Reddit not responding? TryAgain is one of the first add-ons I add to a fresh installation of Firefox, because it's such a simple solution to a common annoyance.
The original version came in the form of a userscript back in April, 2006, soon replaced by a Firefox add-on with added functionality. As the years progressed, Mathijs (add-on caretaker) moved to Chrome, leaving reviewers complaining that it wouldn't work in the latest versions of Firefox.
Fear not! New life has come to TryAgain. I have taken the add-on upon myself as a hobby project, and have already added functionality some reviews asked for:
The version currently pending Mozilla review (3.3) doesn't include the last two features, but I assure you that as soon as it's published, I'll submit the next version.
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Paul (admin)
Saturday, November 27 2010, 23:03
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If you want TryAgain in your language, feel free to contribute! You can do so easily at BabelZilla's translation page for TryAgain.
Presently, it's already been translated into German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Estonian, Russian, Serbian, Swedish, Turkish and Chinese. I'm especially looking for Thai, Polish, Indonesian and Vietnamese translations.
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