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Monday, February 14 2011, 15:44
Over the past year, as we have been developing genetic software at CrimsonBase, my colleagues and I have been time and time again approached to use our expertise to develop Android apps.
Pixplicity logo
We're happy to announce our new venture, Pixplicity!
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Dean (guest)
Tuesday, July 12 2011, 11:03
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Just writing to say thanks for canon 514XL-S manual. Much appreciated.
Paul (admin)
Friday, July 22 2011, 17:45
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No problem, you're very welcome!
I see that comments appear to be broken, so for reference, the Canon 514XL-S post can be found here.
Wednesday, October 12 2011, 19:33
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Paul lamertsma you are great really. :) Now i can connect internet by lg optimus 2x(LGP990) to folowing ur guidlines.Thank u very much!!!!!!!
manju (guest)
Monday, December 5 2011, 12:28
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hi paul,
i saw your question in stack over flow to
get Callmanager instance in android. to send DTMF tones,
i have a same requirment and i am struggling to get instance of call manager or either Phone instance (mine is a service which runs in background)
please help me to know how to get CallManager instance (either by using looper or not) or Phone instance, this will be very help full because i am searching for this since 1 week :(
Paul (admin)
Thursday, December 8 2011, 16:21
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(manju's comment is in response to this Stack Overflow question)
You should best ask a question like that on Stack Overflow. I have invested a considerate amount of time to try to accomplish the same thing, and have come the conclusion that it is simply not possible.
It is not possible to obtain an instance of Phone as it requires reserved internal permissions. It might be possible with a rooted phone, but I haven't tried that as that solution wouldn't suffice for my purpose.
Sorry to disappoint. Best of luck!
vikas (guest)
Thursday, January 5 2012, 13:15
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Hi paul,
I have also invested lot of time to get Callmanager instance in android. to send DTMF tones, but no luck so far. can you give me some hint for that in rooted phone.
Paul (admin)
Tuesday, January 17 2012, 2:30
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I'm afraid I can't help you other than pointing you in this direction. Like I said, that solution wouldn't have sufficed, so I didn't pursue it. Perhaps you could try posting a new question on Stack Overflow.
Good luck!
Fartebgh (guest)
Thursday, January 18 2018, 23:28
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