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Monday, February 14 2011, 15:44
Over the past year, as we have been developing genetic software at CrimsonBase, my colleagues and I have been time and time again approached to use our expertise to develop Android apps.
Pixplicity logo
We're happy to announce our new venture, Pixplicity!
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Dean (guest)
Tuesday, July 12 2011, 11:03
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Just writing to say thanks for canon 514XL-S manual. Much appreciated.
Paul (admin)
Friday, July 22 2011, 17:45
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No problem, you're very welcome!
I see that comments appear to be broken, so for reference, the Canon 514XL-S post can be found here.
Wednesday, October 12 2011, 19:33
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Paul lamertsma you are great really. :) Now i can connect internet by lg optimus 2x(LGP990) to folowing ur guidlines.Thank u very much!!!!!!!
manju (guest)
Monday, December 5 2011, 12:28
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hi paul,
i saw your question in stack over flow to
get Callmanager instance in android. to send DTMF tones,
i have a same requirment and i am struggling to get instance of call manager or either Phone instance (mine is a service which runs in background)
please help me to know how to get CallManager instance (either by using looper or not) or Phone instance, this will be very help full because i am searching for this since 1 week :(
Paul (admin)
Thursday, December 8 2011, 16:21
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(manju's comment is in response to this Stack Overflow question)
You should best ask a question like that on Stack Overflow. I have invested a considerate amount of time to try to accomplish the same thing, and have come the conclusion that it is simply not possible.
It is not possible to obtain an instance of Phone as it requires reserved internal permissions. It might be possible with a rooted phone, but I haven't tried that as that solution wouldn't suffice for my purpose.
Sorry to disappoint. Best of luck!
vikas (guest)
Thursday, January 5 2012, 13:15
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Hi paul,
I have also invested lot of time to get Callmanager instance in android. to send DTMF tones, but no luck so far. can you give me some hint for that in rooted phone.
Paul (admin)
Tuesday, January 17 2012, 2:30
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I'm afraid I can't help you other than pointing you in this direction. Like I said, that solution wouldn't have sufficed, so I didn't pursue it. Perhaps you could try posting a new question on Stack Overflow.
Good luck!
Fartebgh (guest)
Wednesday, June 14 2017, 1:10
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Set In Stone .
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Flanked by his entourage, Jan Fischer and Tommy Ritter, Eddie is content to lounge on the patio of a Spanish villa, a chilled juice close at hand. When three foreign men, Rafael Carreras, Lucas Foz and Angelo Fuentes, show up to bask in the glow of this porn celebrity, he receives them somewhat smugly, much the way Paris Hilton would receive a gift basket from Bath & Bodyworks.
At least when he makes a dive for Angelo's dark-skinned prick, Eddie has the courtesy to remove his designer sunglasses. Eddie cavalierly doles out the goodies, splitting his three admirers equally among his buddies. But as is the case with good group sex, once the hip-hugging swimsuits go flying, it's a free-for-all. With all the arms, bare asses and armpits, the best way to keep all of it straight is by skin tone - the Spanish trio are beautifully bronzed while Eddie, Jan and Tommy are still working on their tans. There are some delicious moments in all this frenzied sex, and Rafael is smack in the center of most of them. Someone has the foresight to peel Rafael's swimsuit over his ass. When Tommy gets a glimpse, he buries his face between the sweaty cheeks. The camera pans from Rafael getting rimmed to Rafael sharing Angelo's cock with Eddie.
Most everyone in this group of six loves sucking cock. At one point, it turns into a sort ofpetition, Angelo slyly challenging Eddie to see who can choke down the most dick. Both look lovelypeting; Angelo seems to be slightly more skilled, but Eddie makes a valiant effort, his gleaming white teeth chomping at the base of Lucas' dong. For long moments in this segment, the six men pair off. Jan, perhaps in an effort to grab a little camera time from pal Eddie, greedily takes the first anal plunge, seating himself squarely on a goofily grinning Lucas. Lucas is merciless, rapidly thrusting his cock into Jan. No sloppy holes here - every time Lucas misses his mark, Jan's tender hole snaps shut tight as a drum before it's assaulted again. Tommy keeps himself occupied with Angelo's dick, lying on his belly between Angelo's legs, spitting and slicking up his new buddy while the sun steadily burns overhead. Oddly enough, it's easy to lose track of Eddie Stone here with all that's going on, that is until he dispenses with his Spanish admirers by offering his lean body as a cum dump. All five men crowd around a prone Eddie and whack off until they blow.
Eddie's anal acrobatics don't really get underway until after a brief intermission. Chi Chi changes the venue, and we again find Eddie on his knees in front of Rafael, Lucas and Angelo, only this time on a more open stone terrace, the Spanish countryside in the distance. Eddie's demeanor shifts to that of a greedy cockpig, eager to please whoever presents his dick for sucking. Heated and furious, he pivots his head from cock to cock, not ready to let any one man go unsucked for more than the briefest of moments.
He looks positively dumbstruck when five more men gather like wolves, pawing the front of their bathing suits, anticipating a dick-lickin '- Victor Piovani, Marcos David, Marlon Abdalla, Simon Angel and Anthony Martinez. Eight cocks to suck? No problem. Eddie dives in full and takes on allers. While they wait to be blown, a few of the men keep busy kissing, groping or stealing a taste of cockmeat for themselves. The cutest and only real twink of all eight strangers, Simon Angel, is just as hungry to suck as Eddie is, and gets down on his knees to play second banana to his American counterpart.
But Mr. Stone soon makes it clear that there can be only one gangbang master. He is not shy about asking for what he wants. With all eight men lined up squat on a stone outcropping, Eddie positions them, asses facing the cameras. When hemands them to bend over, every one of my rimming fantasies came true in an instant. When several smoky holes are presented buffet style for snacking, where do you begin? Eddie moves down the line, giving some pink puckers a few extra licks while being stingy with others. He's as thorough with his backdoor tongue action as he is about giving head, loudly slurping, even using his scruffy jawbone to give pleasure.
His own hole gets absolutely no warm-up before the fucking starts, though. One by one, the men take their turn, using Eddie's ass to get off. He lies flat, his belly pressed against the cold stonework. He eventually loses count, resigned to bending his head over his shoulder to see which guy is banging his butt. No one top stands out above the crowd. From my vantage point, they all looked powerful and skilled. The finale of the gangbang has Eddie once again on his knees, receiving the men one by one as they cum on his chest, neck and right shoulder. The final shot has all the guys crowded around Eddie as he works out his own load, the sun casting a rosy glow on his cum-covered skin.
To me, no one physical attribute stands out from the entire package that is Eddie Stone. His on-screen pera tends to waver in intensity; one moment he's ovee with lust, the next he's strangely aloof. But I think his performance in "Set in Stone" is his best to date, hotly displayed as the centerpiece of a group grope. The film deliciously goes over the top when Eddie is presented with a fine selection of European ass to munch on. Eddie obviously enjoys rimming, the film's finest moments rendered beautifully by Chi Chi and crew.
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Welcome To America .
Release Year: 2010
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Welcum to America showcases sexual situations that the delectable Visconti Triplets found themselves in during their first foray stateside. It was quite the event (they attended the GAYVNS, as well as hooking up with the Fleshjack folks and became their first "spokesmodels"), so naturally it wasmemorated on film. I was their chaperone during GAYVN weekend, and I gotta tell you the amount of double-takes we got walking around San Francisco was worth not being able to understand a single thing they said. Welcum to America is your chance to cum-memorate right along with them and see how sex is done the Visconti way. It was all about the partying, the constant chasing of pleasure, and man hunting. During their two-week stay they tried to satisfy their enormous hunger for hot bubble-butts and rock-hard cocks. So, Elite Male recorded their partying ways with American hotties.
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