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Friday, March 9 2018, 1:48
Fifteen years ago, I was tinkering in PHP and hosted my first website on my desktop PC from my bedroom in my parents' house. Soon I had launched my own website in what would ultimately become my blog. It's funny how well I recall building on it and proudly launching updates and sharing it on my own little corner of the web.
How incredible to think how much has changed since then. From my university studies, to starting my own businesses, to falling in love and getting married. It hasn't all been fantastic; divorce, the loss of loved ones and the subsequent depression were difficult, but from it all I've learned so much.
Yet so much has stayed the same! Scrolling through my past, I see how my passion for technology and my yearning to develop myself has never faltered. Who knows which challenges I'll face next! The thought only excites me.
With this, I write my final post on this blog. I am, as always, active elsewhere on the web, primarily on my GitHub and Stack Overflow accounts.
Paul (and his loving kitties Gudan & Lotje), signing off. So long!
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